25 bhp, 430 lbs and 80 mph:


The Sunbeam S8 appeared in 1946 and was based on BMW R75 design concepts. It was unusual in being an in-line twin with a shaft driving a worm gear in the rear hub. There were significant teething problems caused by excessive vibration and poor handling as a result of the car like tyres (used by BMW for sidecar use). So in 1949 the redesigned Sunbeam S8 appeared. It had a rubber mounted engine, higher compression, BSA suspension (Sunbeam was by then owned by BSA), conventional wheels and tyres and a unique cast aluminium silencer. It was in production till 1957 with 8,530 being manufactured.

This bike has matching numbers and was bought in relatively original condition from the beneficiary of a deceased estate - in reasonable running condition. A complete restoration was undertaken by 2WheelsMiklos in 2013. Paint is by Cycle Sprays.

1957 Sunbeam S8 [487cc in-line twin]

Pre Restoration