25 bhp        388 lbs        84 mph


After the war Moto Guzzi was in recovery phase and needed competitive production bikes. The 250cc Airone and 500cc Falcone proved to be these. Not surprisingly both were based on pre-war designs.

The Falcone was essentially a detuned Condor (1938 500cc racer with 28 bhp @ 5,000 rpm and a 7:1 compression) or alternatively with bigger valves and a Dondolino camshaft it could, at half the price, become a Dondolino racer (33 bhp @ 5,500 rpm and 8.5:1 compression giving a top speed of 106 mph).

With this heritage and the excellent design of the horizontal overhead valve single cylinder 500cc engine (88mm bore and 82mm stroke) with 6.5:1 compression, the Falcone eventually had the longest production run of any Moto Guzzi. Over the period 1950 – 1968 8,405 were produced.

With a 4 speed gearbox, magneto ignition, Del’Orto carburettor, maximum power of 25 bhp @ 4,300 rpm, a 17.5 litre fuel tank and friction damped forks, the package worked well on the road and particularly so for the police and the army (which represented the bulk of sales in the latter years of the production run).

This bike was acquired in the UK in what seems to be relatively original condition. Until recently it had spent an extended period in a Hungarian collection. It starts well and runs smoothly. Watching the heavy external flywheel spinning away at the very slow tick over is a real delight!

1958 Moto Guzzi Falcone

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