28 bhp, 425 lbs, 75 mph


The Panther M100 and M120 were the ultimate side-car haulers. They were produced between 1932 and 1966 by P&M (Phelon & Moore) at their factory in Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire. Some 12,500 M100s (594cc) were produced between 1932 and 1962 and 1,900 M120s (645c) between 1959 and1966 – when P&M went out of business.

In both models the most distinctive features are the ‘sloper’ engine (a relatively long stroke forward sloping single in which the engine is the front frame member of the bike), the triangular oil sump at the front of the engine and the twin exhaust ports – hence two exhaust pipes – despite being only a single cylinder machine.

The Panther has a 6.5:1 compression ratio and is renowned for its slow revving (“fires every lamp-post”). Maximum power is developed at 5,000 rpm, whereas maximum torque is reached already at 3,500 rpm – hence the suitability for side-cars.


This machine (1960 frame and 1962 engine) was acquired notionally as completed restoration. In fact we have had to do quite a lot to get it properly road going:

- Replace fuel tank and taps

- Replace gearbox internals

- Replace clutch

- Fit new tyres and modify rear fender

- and then also sort magneto and carburettor and fit a new battery

1959 Panther M120 (645cc ‘sloper’ single)

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