1968 Pannonia T5

16 bhp    270 lbs      70 mph


Pannonia’s were built in the Csepel factory (the nationalised Weiss Manfred works which had opened in 1924) on an island in the Danube River near to Budapest. 

The first Pannonia was produced in 1954  (which was an upgrade of the ‘Csepel 250’). In 1964 the T5 replaced the T1. Only evolutionary changes took place and Pannonias were produced till 1975 – with some 690,000 being built over the 21 year lifespan. Many of these were exported to the Soviet Union and a majority were used as sidecar haulers (as cars were relatively rare in Hungary at that time).

The T5 is a 247cc two stroke single with a 4 speed gearbox. Bore x stroke is a square 68 x 68 mm. Compression is 7.2:1. It has a 27mm throat carburettor. Lubrication is by mixture and it has 6 volt electrics.

This bike has recently been imported to the UK and has no papers. It will be completely restored by 2WheelsMiklos (who has become an accredited Pannonia parts dealer in order to be able to source the parts needed from Hungary) and will become a UK registered bike.

Pre Restoration

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