1970 Triumph T120R Bonneville (649cc parallel twin)


50 bhp, 400 lbs, 110 mph


The 1970 US market T120R Bonneville is possibly the best looking motorcycle ever built. The small, sculpted 2.5 gallon petrol tank gives rise to a very narrow waisted shape, which together with its relative lightness, handling and performance makes for the very essence of the biking spirit.


The Bonneville was released in 1959 and continued in various guises till the very end of Triumph. In 1963 it got a "unit" engine and gearbox and in 1971, "oil in the frame". The former was considered a step forward, whereas the latter, the opposite. The Bonnie captured a significant world market share - and in particular in the key US market - for then "large" capacity bikes due to its high compression, alloy heads and resultant excellent performance.


This bike - a 1970 T120R - was originally acquired in South Africa. It was then re-imported to the UK in 1999. It has been restored by Rocker Box and the paint done by Altamura. It is relatively standard apart from 12 volt electrics, electronic ignition and the colours - which are based on the 50th anniversary Bonneville. A perfect bike for buzzing around the Surrey countryside.

1970 Triumph T120R Bonneville