1972 Honda CB 750 Four K2 (736cc transverse four)


67 bhp, 480 lbs, 125 mph


The Honda Four was the first modern superbike. It upped the standard for all large capacity bikes - and consequently spelt doom for many non-Japanese manufacturers whose factories and technology were not at the same standard and whose much smaller scale meant that their costs were also uncompetitive. With a powerful  and oil tight four cylinder engine, five speed gearbox, electric start and disc front brake, together with outstanding vibration-free performance, it became the benchmark for all to aim at. Launched in 1969 as the first mass produced four it drew on Honda's extensive Grand Prix history. Also Japanese manufacturing excellence meant that the single overhead cam and the four separate carburettors worked both beautifully and reliably.


This bike is a 1972 K2 model. It was restored during 2013 by 2WheelsMiklos with the paintwork being done by Cycle Sprays. It has matching numbers and the restoration is faithful to the original. It is a great bike to ride and of course by today's standards is not actually physically very big - so also an enjoyable ride for my wife, Sally.

1972 Honda CB750 K2