MV AGUSTA 750S 1973
743cc Transverse 4

1973 MV Agusta 750S (743cc transverse four)


69 bhp, 505 lbs, 115 mph


The MV Agusta four is unique in the world as it is powered by an engine virtually identical to the bikes which in the hands of famous racers such as Surtees, Hailwood and Agostini won 91 Grand Prix, 13 World Manufacturers Championships and numerous Isle of ManTTs.


Production of the 750S spanned 1970 to 1975 with 556 bikes produced – the majority between 1972 and 1974 (150 in 1973). The racing pedigree, the scarcity, the high cost and the fact that the engines were individually built from components selected for perfect fit ensured that these machines became legends. Count Agusta also added a further quirk – to ensure that privateers could never race against the factory, all the production bikes were shaft and not chain drive, hence were heavier and slower.


The design of the 750S is dominated by the sculpted 24 litre tank draped over the engine as well as the almost garish colour scheme. The specification is impressive:


- Four Dell’Orto carburettors with open bell mouths

- Ceriani forks

- Borrani wheels

- Scarab discs (fitted as a factory option from 1973)

- Compression of 9.5:1


This bike was bought in Spain – where it had been all its life. It has “matching” numbers and is almost totally original – apart from a repainted tank and replacement rear shocks. The sound of the engine is loud – but oh so beautiful!

1973 MV Agusta 750S (743cc transverse four)