Purple Poison BMW
Purple Poison BMW
Purple Poison BMW
Purple Poison BMW

- Colours from the Central America Poison Dart frog as we thought the chopped down boxer with its bar-end indicators had a bit of a frog like appearance – and we loved the mottled colouring


- Minimalist “bobber” with the pod air filters allowing us to hide almost everything in the old air-box – including the small but powerful lithium battery.


- A mix of bespoke and recycled parts with our own twist on them


- Engine thoroughly overhauled and cleaned/sand blasted


- Frame and body painted by Cycle Sprays


- If you like the concept talk to us about a design for yourself


- We will find the donor bike as part of the package


- Will come with 12 months MOT


- We have a 1980 R80/7 in the pipeline. The design concept is a “Street Scrambler” with knobbly tyres, peashooter exhausts and a colour scheme inspired by the Paris-Dakar bikes

Purple Poison - 2WM Custom

1978 BMW R80/7 "bobber"

Bike Workshop 019.JPG

Pre Customisation