1978 DKW Wankel 2000

The dream of completely new technology which ultimately did not achieve commercial success.


1978 DKW Wankel 2000


32bhp, 381lbs, 87mph


There were three commercially produced rotary engined motorcycles - the Hercules (DKW in the UK market) Wankel 2000, the Suzuki RE5 and the Norton Classic. The Wankel technology was expected to revolutionise motoring given - at least superficially - its simplicity, lightness, small size and relative thereto, its power. However, the riding public were sceptical and the bikes had their issues - in particular running hot and imploding if over-revved. The Hercules/DKW was the first to market in 1975. They were produced till 1978 with total production of 1,784.


The DKW comprised a Sachs KC 27 294cc Wankel engine (used extensively in snow mobiles) fed by a Bing carburettor with a 6 speed gearbox and mated to a simple supporting frame. The engine is very simple and as such differs markedly, from in particular, the Suzuki RE5. It combines parts from a number of manufacturers (Ceriani forks, BMW indicators, Bosch electronics etc) and so was relatively simple to produce. Care has to be taken not to rev it above 6,500rpm in order to avoid destroying the rotor.


This bike is frame number 472. Work by 2WheelsMiklos has comprised redoing the carburettor, a fair proportion of the electrics and the brakes. The petrol tank has a large dent removed and it and the side covers have been repainted.

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