1979 Suzuki GS1000S (997 cc transverse four)


90 bhp, 525 lbs, 130 mph


Suzuki launched the GS1000 early in 1978. In effect it was the very successful GS750 with a longer stroke (stroke up from 56.4mm to 70mm and capacity from 748cc to 997cc) and with very little incremental weight. So the overall package was impressive - high all round spec, good performance and braking and decent handling.


In 1979 the GS1000S made its appearance. In Suzuki parlance the S indicates the addition of a "bikini" fairing. With the fairing there is also a clock and an oil temperature guage. It is a very clean and simple design with a striking blue and white paint job. This was the sportiest bike in the Suzuki range at the time and was homologated for racing - and had some track success. It was only made for two years with the GSX1100 Katana taking over as the fastest Suzuki in 1981 and the GS1000GX (shaft drive) being the more direct successor.


This bike was acquired in the UK in 2013 fully restored and pretty faithful to the original. It has matching numbers. Only service work has been required on it. It is brilliant to ride - smooth, very fast and nice handling.

1979 Suzuki GS1000S