The “Outlaw” bike is a Harley Sportster based bobber. The donor bike was a 1988 883cc Sportster fitted with a 1,200cc Screamin’ Eagle Big Bore kit and carburettor plus electronic ignition. The idea was to build a bike which is visually captivating but at the same time can be one’s “every day” ride.

The design was loosely based on the late 50s Sportsters, hence the “horseshoe” oil tank. The veteran theme was taken further with the in-house fabricated “flat tank”, the extensive brass detailing, the pre-war (Fern Green and red, yellow and black pinstripes) Harley paint scheme and the leather solo seat.

The frame was de-tabbed and then cut and laterally reinforced to accept the oil tank. Provision was then made for the bespoke fuel tank and under the swing-arm, for the battery (for a small Shorai Lithium battery) and electronic ignition.

The bike has “rabbit ear” handlebars and in-house fabricated wrapped “short shot” exhausts. Breathing is via a brass velocity stack and the jetting has been revised to suit this. Given the visibility under the tank, a neat bespoke wiring loom has been made.

The brass detailing includes foot rests, grips, front and rear light grills (from Panic Cycles), velocity stack and its adaptor, engine breathers, brake master cylinder covers, tank rack, horn and timing covers, fasteners and spacers (many fabricated in-house). There are also anodised copper oil lines.

The package is rounded off with an axle mounted number plate, bespoke fender, “bulls eye” bar-end indicators, a Quadtech speedo/tacho and Bridgestone Trailwing Adventure tyres.

Paint is by Cycle Sprays in Cranleigh.


The result:

A bike which people seem to love looking at and also one which is a delight to ride.


Donor Bike: 1988 HD Sportster


Pre Customisation

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2WM 086.jpg
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Tech Specs

Donor: 1988 Harley-Davidson Sportster with 1,200cc Screamin' Eagle Big Bore kit and carburettor

Tyres: Bridgestone Trailwing Adventure

Shocks: Hagon

Exhausts: Bespoke partially wrapped 'Short Shots'

Brakes: Harley

Wheels: Harley

Tank: Bespoke 'Flat Tank'

Battery: Shorai Lithium 

Ignition: Screamin' Eagle

Handlebars: Bespoke 'Rabbit Ears'

Lights: Panic Cycles

Paint: Cycle Sprays

Mirrors: Harley

Seat: Custom leather

Cables: Harley

Velocity stack: Panic Cycles

Brass detail, tank rack, horn, fuel lines: Bespoke