2013 Viper Diamondback

2013 Viper Diamondback


Eight years and $35 million have gone into developing the Viper motorcycle company. Bikes are built in a factory in Alabama, USA and are built around the incredible 152 cubic inch (2,491 cc) Ilmor 45 degree short stroke engine. Ilmor is a company started in the UK by former Cosworth engineers, Mario Illien and Paul Morgan and has focussed on developing and manufacturing very high performance engines for Indy Cars, Formula 1 and power boat racing. This engine is made from billet aluminium and is air/oil cooled with 30 litres of oil circulating per minute and reducing engine temperature, versus air cooled only, by 20%. It puts out 117 bhp @ 3,200 rpm and 215 Nm of torque and is fuelled by a Mikuni flat slide carburettor. The bike weighs 686 lbs wet (646 lbs dry), has oil in the frame, a 26.5 inch seat height, a non-unit 6 speed Baker gearbox, a 260 section rear tyre and oil damped air adjustable rear shocks. An unusual feature is the requirement to depress the two manual decompressors each time the engine is started.


This bike is (at the time of writing) the only Viper in the UK (and possibly outside the USA). It is the demo bike acquired directly from Graham Manchester, the Viper agent in Europe. It is also the bike road tested by American-V magazine late in 2013. It is an amazingly powerful and loud ride. Takes the American V-twin to a completely new level!


Future plans for Viper seem to be focussed on a fuel injected version of the Ilmor engine and drag racing oriented bikes. The Diamondback model will apparently be available by special order.

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