May 4, 2017


39 of the 40 bikes in our collection have now had their first rides in 2017. Only the Pannonia still to go - but this has just returned from the painter, so first ride in June.
Today was the turn of our 1940 in-line 4 Indian. 77 years old & still stunning. Day rounded...

January 26, 2017

Part 1 - Standard Cruisers

Each year this is typically the time I return to the UK after a month or so in the African sunshine and after having caught up with the cruisers of my relative youth - most of which are still at my place in Johannesburg. This, like Denver, is...

January 17, 2017


The 2WheelsMiklos Collection has received a serious boost over the holiday break.

Firstly was the arrival of the 1966 Pannonia T5. A 250cc two stroke single from Hungary. This bike is all there but needs a major...

December 4, 2016

We have stuck to most of the initial design ideas outlined in our blog post of 8 August 2016 – though of course with some embellishments.

The result is a bike which is a lot leaner, a bit more aggressive and nowhere near as “bling”.

The major aspects of the makeover are:


November 13, 2016

Since buying the US import 350/4 in May a lot has happened.

The bike was stripped. Frame sandblasted – and the whole bike painted (bodywork in Candy Bacchus Olive Green). The engine was overhauled and cleaned, electronic ignition fitted, carbs sonically cleaned, wheels...

September 14, 2016

The Vanquish is now fully UK street legal - we even have its V5!

So the big day was today. 

First 50 mile ride done & what a blast. It has been worth waiting for! Effortless to over 100 mph & not even 3,000 rpm.

September 4, 2016

Nimbus restoration fully under way

Whilst our Nimbus goes very nicely as demonstrated during a thorough test ride around Guildford a couple of weeks ago, its looks leave a lot to be desired.

The current non-standard paint job is hand applied crimson and cream without...

August 25, 2016

Taking the Vanquish into the DVSA testing station in Watford today (photo taken inside the building).
After 2 hours of thorough testing we got the happy news that on first attempt we had succeeded. The Vanquish now has technical approval to be on UK roads. Congratulati...

August 21, 2016

Our Vanquish V8 motorcycle got its first public outing in front of a good crowd in surprisingly nice weather at the 2WheelsMiklos open day. The 7 litre motor made its presence felt - notwithstanding the baffling & Super Trapps installed in advance of Wednesday's SVA te...

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