Donor Bike: 1980 BMW R80/7

The "Street Dakar" is our second Boxer custom, the first being a bobber. Our concept with the Dakar was to absolutely minimise and simplify a boxer in a scrambler format. The four key design elements were the tiny fuel tank, the dressed upside down exhausts, the small bicycle like seat and the bright paintwork using the colour palette of the Dakar R80GS. The donor was a 1980 R80/7 acquired in a “good runner” condition and now looks nothing like what it did when it rolled through our doors..

We got into BMWs (boxers & bricks / Rs & Ks) because the engine configurations fascinated us, so different to everything else. The Boxer, in particular, has a very recognisable shape & style. Having done one as a bobber and been commissioned to cafe race another, we stood back and asked “what else?”. Some of the great scramblers of the world were boxers, and so we decided on an R80. Super slimmed down and with the right paint job we figured it would do the business as an urban scrambler. Hence the Dakar Street Scrambler concept was conceived.

The scrambler stance was enhanced by using a high and wide (Triumph X75 Hurricane) handlebar, adding a number board and fitting Jammers foot pegs (with bespoke brake and gear change linkages). Enhancing the look is the lack of clutter facilitated by replacing the air filter with pods and using the space now available in the old air box to hide the horn and the lithium battery.

The only instrument is a mechanical speedo. The bike is road legal having hidden LED headlamps fitted to the frame above the engine and an LED rear light in board of the muffler on the right hand side. Bar-end indicators and the mirror are 1960s BMW R69S parts. Tiny warning lights are fitted behind the number board. Cables have been purpose made to fit the changed handlebar and throttle.

All the fabrication work was done in-house. The paintwork is by Tony of Cycle Sprays in Cranleigh. The engine has been sandblasted, overhauled and rebuilt.


Donor 1980 BMW R80/7


- Colours inspired by the Paris-Dakar bikes with paint by Cycle Sprays

- Radical styling with BSA Bantam fuel tank, inverted exhaust system, bespoke rear sub frame, seat, lights, handlebar, instruments, cables, rear sets and fender

- New rear shocks, electronic ignition, cables and knobbly tyres

- Pod air filters and a small lithium battery allow us to “hide” a lot of clutter in the old air-box

- Engine thoroughly overhauled, cleaned and sandblasted and carburettors reconditioned

MOT validity 13 March 2016




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