The Classic Collection

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Truly Unique

Some machines are just truly unique and extremely hard to find...

Icons of a Bygone Era

Certain bikes captured the imagination through their innovation and engineering prowess or simply by just being superbly fit for purpose.
These represent the historic foundation on which the collection has been built.

Blue Smoke

Pouring blue smoke and emitting a high pitched snarl - the big two strokes represented the ultimate in performance.
Sadly increasing environmental restrictions meant that their days were numbered.

Changing of the Guard

The British industry represented the seemingly  unassailable pinnacle of the mass market large capacity performance motorbike.
Possibly the sexiest bikes ever made were the US market 1970 T120R Bonneville and the Craig Vetter designed X75 Hurricane.
Then the Honda 450 Black Bomber knocked on the door and the parallel twins were suddenly threatened.
And with the arrival of the Honda 750 Four, even the British triples had more than met their match.

The Japanese Fours

Starting with the Honda 750 Four, the Big 4 Japanese manufacturers turned motorcycling on its head with their four stroke fours.
Powerful, smooth, fast, good looking and with electric starts - these became the must have bikes of the young generation.
Then the competition between them became a decade long "arms race" of power and speed - eventually culminating in the sophisticated machines from which today's sports bikes stem.

The Italians

Fast, sexy, sometimes brutal and almost always different. The Italian manufacturers have always punched above their weight in terms of desirability.
Unique rides and impossible to do so slowly!

The "Sixes"

The ultimate statements of engineering prowess. Big, turbine smooth, very fast and possibly a bit too much for the frames, tyres and brakes of the time.
However, still the finest rides of all!
Unfortunately due to their complexity and cost to produce and maintain, have gone the same way as the Concorde.

The Tourers

Hours in the saddle doing long journeys comfortably and with ease.
BMW and Honda arguably got this concept better than any other manufacturer.

Rotary Engined

The dream of completely new technology, which ultimately never reached commercial success.

Click on any of the bike images to load a gallery and descriptor of the bike.

Stretching as far back as 1940, the 2WheelsMiklos collection includes:

·        a single

·        parallel twins

·        air and liquid cooled transverse twins

·        boxer twins

·        V-twins

·        in-line twin

·        air and liquid cooled two-stroke triples

·        120 and 180 degree  four-stroke triples

·        transverse fours

·        square four

·        in-line four

·        liquid cooled flat four

·        liquid cooled boxer four

·        air and liquid  cooled transverse sixes


and in the "new age" collection also:

* an in-line liquid cooled triple

* liquid cooled V-four

* liquid cooled boxer six

The 2WheelMiklos collection was driven by two concepts. Firstly, to find, ride and restore the iconic bikes of the 20th Century- centred abound Miklos' era, the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Secondly, to include an example of as many types of motorcycle engine as possible

The collection was sold at Auction, through Bonhams. See the 'in the news tab' for more information.