iPhone 12 Screen Replacement Step-by-Step Tutorial

Replacing the screen on your iPhone 12 doesn’t have to be as difficult or expensive as you might think. I just finished replacing my own cracked screen and wanted to share the simple iPhone 12 screen replacement steps I followed to do it myself.
The first thing I did was gather all the necessary tools and parts. You’ll need a new iPhone 12 screen assembly, different sizes of screwdrivers, plastic opening tools, tweezers, adhesives, and a heat gun or hair dryer. Make sure to have a well-lit workspace and keep your screws organised in a tray – they are tiny and easy to lose.
Once everything was set up, I powered off my iPhone and got to work. The first step was removing the two tiny screws on each side of the phone using a Pentalobe screwdriver. This freed the top part of the frame to lift away from the screen.
Next, I gently slipped a plastic opening tool between the screen and frame to break the adhesive seal. Working my way around the edges, the clips gradually released, and the screen lifted up a bit but was still connected by cables inside.
This is where it gets a bit tricky. I had to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove a small metal shield covering the cables. Then I disconnected each cable by lifting it away from the motherboard with tweezers.
My old, cracked screen could now fully detach from the phone. I gave it a wipe-down and was ready for the new one. After applying adhesive to secure it, I reconnected the cables and replaced the metal shield back in place.
Before closing it up, I powered on the phone to test that everything was working again. Phew, the screen lit up without any issues! Then it was just a matter of carefully aligning the new screen with the frame and snapping it all back together with those tiny screws.
And just like that, my iPhone 12 has a brand-new screen! It took a few hours but following the step-by-step iPhone 12 screen replacement instructions made the repair process straightforward. Now I’ve saved a bunch of money and gained a useful skill. I’d recommend giving it a try yourself if your screen breaks – just take your time and stay organised.