1976 Kawasaki Z1B £8,500

We have just completed the full restoration of this beautiful Z1B. It is an early 1976 bike assembled in the then new Kawasaki Lincoln Nebraska factory - with a US made frame mated to a Japanese engine. It was imported into the UK in 1996. Both the bodywork (in candy apple red) and frame have been repainted. The engine has been refurbished, engine covers polished and numerous new parts fitted, including: Exhausts, wheels, side covers, tail piece, rear fender, seat, tyres, chain, electronic ignition and battery. The carburettors have been sonically cleaned and balanced. 

The 903cc Kawasaki is classic biking at its best - in its day, with 81bhp and 130mph top speed, it set the performance standard for other manufacturers to aspire to. Today it is arguably the most collectable Japanese classic.


It has done 27,543 miles.


  • Early 1976 bike imported into the UK in 1996


  • Complete and thorough restoration


  • Bodywork – in candy apple red – and frame repainted


  • New exhausts, seat, side covers, rear fender, tail piece, wheels, battery, chain, tyres and a lot more


  • Polished engine covers


  • Engine refurbished and carburettors sonically cleaned and balanced


  • MOT validity 5 March 2016


  • Taxed till September 2015

Z1B Kawasaki