Lifestyle Changes That Can Effectively Lower Blood Glucose Level: Dr Julian Sargon-Ungar

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be managed, but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. With the right lifestyle changes and medication, you can prevent complications from developing in your body and manage your condition effectively. Dr Julian Sargon-Ungar Here are four ways to lower blood glucose naturally:

Eat More Fiber

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that your body cannot digest. It’s found in foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps you feel full and gives you more energy by slowing down digestion.

A high-fiber diet can help lower blood glucose levels by helping you feel fuller longer, which can reduce the amount of food you eat at one time. For example: If you have diabetes and take medication to control it, increasing fiber intake may make it easier for you to take your medication without experiencing side effects such as nausea or vomiting.

Lose Weight

The first and most effective way to lower your blood glucose is by losing weight, ccording to Dr Julian Sargon-Ungar. It’s an old adage that if you want to live longer, lose weight. This is true for people with diabetes as well, but it should be noted that losing weight isn’t just about looking good or feeling better–it can also help decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes by reducing the amount of fat around the organs in your body (which can lead to high cholesterol).

Drink More Water

Water helps maintain normal digestion and bowel function; supports metabolism by keeping cells hydrated; aids in weight loss efforts by stimulating the production of leptin–a hormone which tells us we’re full–and suppressing ghrelin–a hormone which stimulates hunger pangs–when consumed with meals; reduces bloat from eating too much salt-containing foods such as pizza or potato chips because drinking water helps flush out excess sodium from your system; improves circulation throughout our bodies so oxygen gets delivered efficiently where it needs to go without getting stuck anywhere along the way