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Petrol Sessions Pt3 - 18 Cylinders

May 27, 2015


Bikes Tested:

1982 Kawasaki KZ1300

1979 Honda CBX 1000

1977 Benelli 750 Sei




The third in our petrol sessions was quite an enjoyable one, being a family outing. That is what my family would like me to say, but in fact it was because the run involved three six cylinder classics, that's 18 cylinders in one day!!


Once again to point out, I am not a Motorcycle expert nor was I actually alive when any of these machines were built. The latter of these facts however bodes well for these machines as even though I don’t have that reminiscent love for them I still found their rides amazing!


 The first of the three is the most iconic, the CBX 1000 has a huge following across the world! The 6 beautifully coloured pipes shooting out the front of the 6 carb engine look stunning and are instantly recognisable. The silver paint scheme with distinct pin stripe has held its glow for more than 30 years and reminds me of that sexy Top Gun Jet look!


The bike rides very well just as you would expect from an engine of this configuration, it's extremely smooth unlike some of the big twins I've recently reviewed for 2WheelsMiklos. There's ample power and it’s pretty easy to pull around bends. It is easy to see why people love this machine for long distance.


 Second up was the Benelli 750. The six pipes create a sound which can only be compared to that of a Ferrari, the Italian build can be heard roaring through. It is a smaller engine and overall bike which complement each other leading to a pleasant performance output.


 The bike doesn't only have the look and sound of an Italian beast, but it also runs like one, much more temperamental than the trusty Japanese steeds. This is no matter however, the bright white tank and mirror like pipes make the pain worth every second.

 Finally, I got to jump on the 1300cc Kawasaki KZ1300. As expected this engine provides huge amounts of power in an extremely smooth ride. This machine has huge presence though the pipes are hidden behind the radiator which does a great job cooling the massive engine. The bike overall has a lot less flair than the other two, 

 All three were extremely fun to ride, after many rides on very uncomfortable bikes it was a breath of fresh air to hit the road on these well-tuned rides. It's clear to see why In their day there was nothing to touch them for presence, however, I'm informed the big 4 cylinder bikes (Suzuki GS1000 and Yamaha XS100) had comparable performance, guess I'm adding them to my review list.










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