This was a closely knit band of three guys based in Guildford, Surrey. Miklos (Mike) Salamon was the founder and owner. His main focus was sourcing of bikes and parts, design and sales. Alan and Dave were two talented men with many years of motorcycling experience, They ran the workshop activities, including fabrication. 2WheelsMiklos restored classic bikes and built custom bikes on a commission basis. It also looked after Miklos’ forty strong classic collection – which was open to the public.


In 2012 Mike’s formal business life wound down, and he decided that it was the right time to have a real go at the classic bike scene. “My objective was to find, restore and ride the great bikes of my era. My view on restoration was that the machines should be mechanically and electrically sound and good bikes to ride. They should also be pretty shiny and good looking. I am not wedded to originality for the sake of originality. I also have a real interest in different engine configurations, so some bike have been added to the collection mainly because they are different. Given that he was a mining and not a mechanical engineer, he reckoned that the restorations would be his to manage, but not to actually do.


“The number of bikes and associated projects grew apace. Along the way it became apparent that the collection would rapidly outgrow the room available at my home. He also realised that he really wanted to get more personally involved in the actual restoration process.


“This led to taking premises at Astra House in Cranleigh, the establishment of a formal workshop and recruitment of Alan Wells. By the end of 2013 they again could see we were outgrowing our space. So they took the decision to move again and to use this as the catalyst to start serving the public as well. Since mid-2014 the premises were at Stag Hill on the A3 South in Guildford. Workshop capacity was doubled and Dave Rose joined at the same time. In their new facility they had built some twenty customs, increased the collection to forty bikes and done numerous whole or part restorations for customers.


In October 2017, the team decided it was time to shut shop. Across the years 2WheelsMiklos was active, many people got to share their interest in 2 wheeled machines at the location with the team. Numerous open days were held, where Miklos would put on burgers for anyone who attended... For the love of motorcycles.