Yamaha 1200 VMAX Full Power

The VMax was the original power cruiser – made between 1985 and 2007 and designed – in particular – for phenomenal straight line acceleration.


The V4 liquid-cooled engine has two banks of 2 x 35mm constant velocity carburettors, with each carb feeding a cylinder. At above 6,000rpm a butterfly valve located between the two banks opens enabling each cylinder to be fed by a pair of carbs. The resultant “V Boost” allows the bike to achieve a sub 10 second quarter mile.

With 145bhp, 560 lbs dry weight, 150mph top speed and its iconic design, this is a real “statement” ride.

This is a 1994 model built for the US market and imported into the UK in 2004. It is in beautiful – but unmolested – condition. The blue paint is still perfect and we believe original. The aluminium is polished and uncorroded and the original exhausts still have perfect chrome. The saddle is original and in excellent condition, as is all the trim. It is fitted with a Yamaha sissy bar.


We have undertaken a thorough service and fitted braided brake hoses and new tyres. It has done 22,687 miles and still goes like new. One of the very few unadulterated VMax’s surviving today.


The MOT is valid till 1 August 2015 and it is taxed till June 2015