Yamaha VMAX
Yamaha VMAX

140 bhp       580 lbs    160 mph


Produced between 1985 and 2006. Superseded in 2009 by the 1.7 litre 200 bhp new model.

Originally conceived as a bike for the American 'petrol head hot rodders'. Phenomenal acceleration (10.9 second quarter mile) and high top end, but not that great in the bends.


The engine was an adaptation of the Venture Royale V-4. The key change being the addition of V-Boost which is a system whereby butterfly valves in the intake manifold between 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th cylinders open starting from 5,750 rpm. The valves open gradually and are fully open at 8,000 rpm, adding 10% horsepower to the base engine. Early European & UK models did not have V-Boost. Torque was an amazing 118 ft-lbs. To get the power onto the road the rear tyre is a 150/90 x 15 - the largest fitted to a production bike at that time. 


The fuel tank is only 15 litres (under the seat) giving a range of 85 - 100 miles.

This bike is a 1991 USA full power model imported to the UK in 2016. It is largely original.

Yamaha V-Max - 1,200cc V-4